Tube Drivers are more Important than Police Officers

I know some jobs can be demanding, stressful, dangerous etc and because of that they demand a good salary and a decent pension (ring any bells??).  It’s a few days old but I have just read this story about Tube Driver’s demanding a pay increase to £50,000 in The Independent.

Basically the Tube drivers promise not to strike for the next 4 years in exchange for an inflation busting pay deal when everyone else working in the public sector has pay freezes and in real terms a pay cut when inflation and increased pension contributions are taken into account.

The following quote made me smile

Mike Brown, managing director of London Underground, said: “This fair and affordable multi-year pay deal is a good deal for London - providing a platform for stability over a crucial time for the Tube network.

Translated this really means 

The RMT bent Borris over a barrel and said we promise not to f*ck up the Olympics by bringing the capital to a standstill and make you look like a punk if you pay us way more than we really deserve

And they want an extra payment just for working the Olympic period.  It’s not a national holiday.  By all means pay the drivers overtime for any extra work they do on top of their normal hours but just having to work over the Olympic period is no different to every other worker in the UK.  Am I misunderstanding something here??

I’m sure it’s not overly pleasant currently earning £46,000 to sit in a chair all day moving a lever backwards and forwards and pressing a button to open the doors.  Black snot is not nice but I could tolerate it for that kind of money.  Plus not all Tube drivers even have to work underground all day.  Those working the suburban lines are no different to any other train driver.

How can it be justified for a train driver to earn more than a Police Inspector who is a senior ranking public servant or a medical professional who saves lives or a soldier who puts their life on the line for the protection of others?  Their pay needs to brought into perspective and matched to their actual skill level and the level of responsibility they hold, which even at its current level is too high so to pander to a ridiculous pay rise sets a dangerous precedent.

"In these days of austerity we have shown that fighting trade unionism is the best defence from attacks on jobs and living standards. I doubt you will find a better offer than this anywhere else in the public sector."

No shit! This just goes to prove that the reason the police are being shafted is because ultimately there is nothing we can do to stop the attack on our pay and pensions because we can’t strike and that the Fed is a toothless tiger.  Theresa has us over a barrel and she knows it.  Lets make a stand and work to rule, I won’t go on call tonight, that’ll teach em! I won’t be riot trained this year, oh actually that means I’ll loose £1200 from my pay, that’ll teach em even more.  There is a fine line between working to rule and neglect of duty in the police.

It’s a shame we can’t threaten to cripple the capital then we might get a bit more respect and the pay and pension we were promised when we joined.

Where can I learn to drive a train?

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